The chatbot 'Athena' answers FAQs regarding rail travel with LNER, such as delay repay, ticket changes and seat reservations.


The Challenge

LNER wanted to provide a 24/7 customer support channel to its customers without the need to double their existing contact center operations. LNER was looking at a solution that could respond to their customers instantly irrespective of the channel or time.

  • High cost of customer service

  • Repetitive questions

  • Limited 24/7 support channel for customer queries

  • Contact Center does not scale well to unforeseen peaks or troughs

The Solution

Add an English-speaking customer service chatbot called 'Athena'.




Customer service and FAQs

Key Features

  • Help users find cheapest tickets

  • Explain processes regarding changing tickets and seat reservations

  • Give quick links to Delay Repay and Refund forms

  • Able to assist in making upgrades to first class


We are quick, cost effective and offer an out of the box domain knowledge and integration.

  • >85%

    accuracy of responses

  • 2 second

    response time

  • 24/7



What LNER has to say about us

Enterprise Bot helped and guided LNER through the precarious path of launching a new digital contact channel. This is the BOT, or Athena as we christened her at LNER. The EB project team were fully engaged and understood LNER core values and a strong fellowship was forged between the two companies that still is on-going to this day. Edward Rowland Edward Rowland Customer Contact Systems & Control Manager


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Bounce rate declined by 6.2%, Average Session Duration increased by 19.2% and clicks on the Contact Page have fallen by 90% since the chatbot was introduced.

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