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Eb Genesys

Supercharge your Genesys Solution with Omnichannel GenAI

Transform Your Contact Center into a Customer Experience Powerhouse
Boost your average NPS by 44%
Streamline agent efficiency and quality management
Elevate Genesys with Agent Assist, Voice, and Email GenAI

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Trusted by leading global enterprises. Loved by customers.

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Enterprise Bot is our partner of choice in Switzerland and Austria for enhancing Genesys GenAI automation capabilities for agent assist and omni-channel customer service. This native integration provides agents with all the data they need in a single workspace, significantly reducing handling time. Our partnership is reshaping the landscape of contact center automation and optimization, establishing fresh benchmarks for agent productivity and customer satisfaction.”

David Marcès, Country Manager & Senior Director Sales, Switzerland and Austria at Genesys

Our GenAI-powered solution delivers better customer experience than intent-based bots

95% Increase
In positive user feedback

44% Increase
In average NPS scores

53% Decrease
In negative feedback

23% Increase
In contact deflection

Let ChatGPT do its magic with your Enterprise data

 Boost your service experience with natural conversation, personalized responses and query resolution with a chatbot built from your knowledge base with ChatGPT + Enterprise Bot technology

Amplify Genesys features with personalized GenAI automation with Enterprise Bot

Omni-channel support

Communicate with your customer via agent assist & email, voice and chatbots

CRM connectivity

Personalized conversations with direct connections to your CRM

aggregation (1)
Deep data integration

Access to complete knowledge base like SAP, Confluence, SharePoint, Workday, & more


Fostering more personalized customer engagements, inc. Swiss German voice support


Enterprise Bot is a strategic partner of Genesys, natively integrated, and is quotable through the Genesys App Foundry.

Elevate the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of your agents with GenAI-powered Agent Assist for Genesys

360-degree client view

Aggregate all essential support information in a single agent workspace in Genesys.

Analyze agent performance

Profound insights on customer satisfaction and agent scoring with data-driven insights.

Reduced Average Handling Time

Shorter call times with real time, guided workflows and access to hidden data.

Smart knowledge assist

Contextual recommendations from knowledge base and hidden insights.

Watch Voice Bot + Agent Assist in Action

GenAI empowers our voice bot to provide hyper-personalized, natural conversations that feel human and handover to an agent, if needed

Upgrade your support inbox management with Email Response Automation (ERA) powered by GenAI for Genesys

Automatically route Emails to the right inbox or agent

Easily triage a high volume of emails with smart intent and entity identification, topic categorization, and confidence level classifications - without human intervention.

Draft smart, personalized responses with GenAI

Combine your knowledge base and CRM data with LLMs, like ChatGPT to create personalized, accurate, and tailored customer responses, improving their overall experience. 

Automate document extraction and process flow

Key information from unstructure documents, like PDFs, excel and invoices, is automatically extracted, added to the CRM, and used to respond to customer inquiries, reducing manual intervention needs.

Why leading enterprises choose Enterprise Bot

The only system to handle enterprise complexity

Large Language Model Agnostic

Connects to any large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Amazon Bedrock, Llama 2, Claude 2, Aleph Alpha and more.

Enterprise Security

Prioritizes the secure handling of client data, guaranteeing both privacy and compliance with flexible hosting options with Cloud or on-prem.

Flexible to Customize

Deeply integrated into core systems and provides industry-specific workflows and data sets for banking, insurance, retail, transport and others.

Fastest deployment

In just 6-8 weeks thanks to our intentless, patent-pending DocBrain technology that builds an entire solution from your knowledge base.

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