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Transform Wealth Management & Banking with GenAI for Finance

Talk to your customers 24/7 in their preferred language with Intelligent Chat + Voice + Email Assistants


Trusted by leading global enterprises. Loved by customers.

Enterprise Bot makes ChatGPT & other LLMs Banking-Ready

Challenges using ChatGPT

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Risky, broad context: Accesses public internet information without accuracy verification

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Not GDPR compliant: Data travels to US

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Outdated information: Trained with information available up to 2021

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Integration issues and lack of automation: Cannot perform transactions, like blocking a credit card

ChatGPT with Enterprise Bot

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Safe & Enterprise friendly: Your enterprise-specific data with source-tracking links

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GDPR compliant: Data stays in Europe

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Up-to-date information: Autonomous updates with your most recent datasets

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Deep integration: Seamlessly connect with existing systems for automatic request executions

Get enterprise-ready GenAI built on your enterprise data

Build meaningful relationships with your customers

Allow your customers to manage payments, check their balance, apply for loans, block their card, and more with Enterprise Bot's omni-channel solutions coupled with personalized conversational capabilities and smart recommendation flows. And give your organization valuable insights into customer interests. Our solution has helped our banking clients deliver exceptional CX to their customers. 

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Personalized responses to banking queries without Intents with GenAI

Build banking chatbots from your knowledge base, PDFs or website data without the need for building or maintaining intents using our AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant) chatbot platform, powered by our patent-pending DocBrain technology. Whenever you have a new banking product or information, the chat or voice bot automatically learns by tracking your data, with no need for additional training. 


Integrate into core systems and create smart workflows 

Enterprise Bot's omni-channel chatbots go beyond simple query responses. With our proprietary Blitzico middleware, complex workflows and connections with core systems can be built, allowing the chatbot to respond to queries AND take action to resolve issues. From providing information to initiating transactions, our chatbots offer a comprehensive solution for business needs. 


Deep insights to help you improve your chatbot experience and automation

We offer in-depth reports to empower you with actionable insights, including conversation analytics, user behavior analysis, sentiment analysis, and performance metrics. With these data sets, you can monitor your chatbot's performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize the user experience, all while harnessing the full potential of AI-powered automation. Additionally, our data can be connected to your preferred BI tool for comprehensive customer insights.

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"We wanted ChatGPT for our company - yesterday. But we quickly realized its limitations and it would have needed a lot of investment and resources to make it viable. That's when Enterprise Bot stepped in and gave us an easy enterprise-ready solution that we can trust. "

Pietro Carnevale, CEO HITS (Generali)

Easily retrain the AI without any coding

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that lets you retrain the AI without any coding skills. You can adjust the AI's behavior or update it with new data without needing a programming background. Our intuitive interface allows you to modify the AI's training data, fine-tune algorithms, and adjust behavior based on customer feedback and it feeds all this information also into your dashboards. 


Single-brain, Omnichannel Solution with minimal effort

Our unique solution ensures a consistent and seamless customer experience across all communication channels. You can create your chatbot or voice bot once and deploy it across multiple channels, such as messaging, web chat, voice, and social media platforms, without rebuilding the bot for each channel. This approach reduces complexity and costs in developing and maintaining different bots for various channels.


Privacy, Data Security & Hosting

Enterprise Bot tools prioritize privacy and data security. Communication is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption in transmission and rest to keep your data secure. We have SOC2 certification and GDPR compliance, providing added reassurance that your data is secure and compliant. You can also choose between hosting on our cloud service or a complete on-premise solution for maximum data security.


Ready Integrations to Virtually any of your Existing System

gartner peer insights. 4.7-1

Delight. Slash Costs. Boost ROI.

With easy-to-build API integrations and powerful automation


Average accuracy within 12 weeks of implementation

"'Sofie' routed 23% of all conversations and delivered a response accuracy of over 90%."

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Freija Brouwer, Scrum Master, Riverty


Lower total cost of ownership

"We realized ChatGPT has limitations and it would have needed a lot of investment and resources to make it viable. Enterprise Bot gave us an easy enterprise-ready solution that we can trust."

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Pietro Carnevale, CEO HITS (Generali)


Lower average deployment time

"We deployed a chatbot that could converse contextually on our website with no resource effort and in under 4 weeks using DocBrain."


Sri Baradwaj, VP Digital Innovation & Applications, Franciscan Health

Leading Enterprises Trust Enterprise Bot for a Reason


1.24 times higher leads captured in SWICA with IQ, an AI-powered hybrid insurance chatbot.


Sofie routed 23% of all conversations and delivered a response accuracy of over 90%


Reduced need for Email support by 40% with 85% accuracy on Email classification and routing

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