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EB Deepgram Genesys

Power-up your Genesys Voice AI to make your agents faster and smarter, reducing AHT by 63%

Integrate Enterprise Bot and Deepgram with Genesys for unmatched Voice AI capabilities
Supercharge your agents with Enterprise Bot's omni-channel GenAI solution
Boost agent efficiency with Deepgram's fast, accurate, and real-time speech-to-text transcriptions and analytics

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Trusted by leading global enterprises. Loved by customers.

David Marces Genesys round

Enterprise Bot is our partner of choice in Switzerland and Austria for enhancing Genesys GenAI automation capabilities for agent assist and omni-channel customer service. This native integration provides agents with all the data they need in a single workspace, significantly reducing handling time. Our partnership is reshaping the landscape of contact center automation and optimization, establishing fresh benchmarks for agent productivity and customer satisfaction.”

David Marcès, Country Manager & Senior Director Sales, Switzerland and Austria at Genesys

Enterprise Bot in Genesys Slashes AHT by 64% at Premier Swiss Call Center
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Agents can provide faster, more accurate responses, improving both the quality of service and the overall customer journey

Let ChatGPT do its magic with your Enterprise data

 Boost your service experience with natural conversation, personalized responses and query resolution with a chatbot built from your knowledge base with ChatGPT + Enterprise Bot technology


Delight customers with a GenAI Voice Assistant for smart, multilingual query resolution, and next-level agent assist

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Natively embed into Genesys

Our truly natively integrated GenAI Automation solution centralizes all data and analytics within Genesys.

Deep data integration

Personalized conversations with direct connections to your CRM, SAP and other core systems.

360-degree client view

Aggregate all essential support information in a single agent workspace in Genesys.

Natural language understanding & sentiment analysis

Our AI Voice Assistant understands context, delivers personalized voice responses, automatically executes requests, and routes to the right agent, if needed.

Omni-channel support

Communicate with your customers via agent assist & email, voice and chatbots.


With our Speech-to-Text API for contact centers, never miss an insight, selling opportunity, or coaching moment

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Real-Time Enablement

Speech-to-text transcriptions are only useful if they are highly accurate and can help your agents sell better or resolve issues faster.

Audio Intelligence

Identify, analyze, and summarize conversational audio with efficient, task-specific language models built for enterprise scale.

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Language & topic detection

Automatically identify the dominant language and topic in your audio to enhance overall customer experience and support agents.


Who’s talking?! Deepgram makes it easy to detect and label speaker changes throughout a conversation.

Multilingual support

Transcription available in over 30 languages.

Increase your agent productivity with Enterprise Bot and Deepgram in Genesys

64% Decrease
In average handling time

90% Plus
Transcription accuracy

Transcription speed

20% Increase
CSAT scores

Why you should embed Enterprise Bot + Deepgram into your Genesys platform

checkbox_icon Improved Customer Experience: Enhanced conversational AI capabilities empower enterprises to deliver personalized and context-aware customer interactions, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
checkbox_icon Operational Efficiency: Deepgram's accurate speech recognition and transcription streamline call handling processes, reducing agent workload and increasing productivity.
checkbox_icon Actionable Insights: Combined data analytics capabilities of Enterprise Bot and Deepgram provide valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and sentiment, enabling data-driven decision-making.
checkbox_icon Scalability and Flexibility: The modular architecture of Genesys Voice AI solutions allows seamless integration with Enterprise Bot and Deepgram, ensuring scalability and adaptability to evolving business needs.

Enterprise Bot is a strategic partner of Genesys, natively integrated, and is quotable through the Genesys App Foundry.

Unlock new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction in your voice-based interactions

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Customer Service Automation

Virtual assistants powered by Enterprise Bot handle routine inquiries and transactions, while Deepgram's speech recognition accurately transcribes customer interactions for analysis and optimization.

Compliance Monitoring

Deepgram's transcription capabilities enable real-time monitoring of compliance-related conversations, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and mitigating risks.

Voice Analytics

Combined insights from Enterprise Bot and Deepgram enable comprehensive voice analytics, identifying trends, patterns, and opportunities for service improvement and innovation.

Why leading enterprises choose Enterprise Bot

The only system to handle enterprise complexity

Large Language Model Agnostic

Connects to any large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Amazon Bedrock, Llama 2, Claude 2, Aleph Alpha and more.

Enterprise Security

Prioritizes the secure handling of client data, guaranteeing both privacy and compliance with flexible hosting options with Cloud or on-prem.

Flexible to Customize

Deeply integrated into core systems and provides industry-specific workflows and data sets for banking, insurance, retail, transport and others.

Fastest deployment

In just 6-8 weeks thanks to our intentless, patent-pending DocBrain technology that builds an entire solution from your knowledge base.

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