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Automate your contact center with smart human-like interactions powered by AI

Scale support and sales interactions with cutting-edge AI with pre-built integrations, contextual understanding, and smart escalation to live agents 

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Trusted by leading enterprises around the world

Automate, humanize & personalize for better business

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Automation of Customer Queries

Reduce manual effort of existing customer support staff by 60–80% so they can focus on tasks that really matter.

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Increase of leads and sales

Automatically engage users, ask them the right questions to qualify leads and take the necessary action to convert them while enriching your CRM

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improvement of client satisfaction

Respond to users in an instant, 24/7, and converse naturally in their preferred language and on the right channel for the perfect conversational AI experience.

Get your chatbot up & running in just 4 weeks!

Customize your chatbot using our thousands of prebuilt templates and intuitive UI to ensure high productivity and automation with minimal training effort.

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free up your agents

Free up your agents

Train your chatbot to answer to regular enquiries and FAQs all by itself, so your team can zero in on strategic, high-value tasks. Configure bots to address essential inquiries like, "what's my account balance?" and "how can I generate invoices?"

Route it to agents anytime

Leverage NLP-powered advanced sentiment analysis to analyze user emotions and modify responses accordingly. In case the bot is unable to resolve the issue or user is getting frustrated, it diverts the customer to an agent to ensure a superior customer experience.

route it to agents anytim
get away with coding

Get Away from Coding

Create bots and customize them without coding with our No-code, Low-code conversational designer. Design custom workflow with a simple drag & drop interface.

Move deals quickly down the sales funnel

Our intelligent chat software solution allows you to engage with your customers and turn them into valuable customers in real time.

Move deals quickly down the sales funnel
evaluate chatbot performance

Evaluate your chatbot performance

Don't only focus on building bot, rather optimize it. Leverage AI-powered analytics to gain insights on different metrics and make data-driven decisions.

What AIDA (AI powered Digital Virtual Assistant) can do for you

Automate your customer service by leveraging the power of our Virtual assistants to cut down your customer support cost by over 30%. Our scalable and smart digital applications analyze user behavior patterns, understand the intents and initiate contextual conversations to increase customer engagement 

Advanced Natural Language Processing

AI models based on word vectors enable the chatbot to understand user requests and respond appropriately in a friendly and conversational way.


Host your bot on your website, app or other platforms like Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Genesys chat, Intercom and many more, to ensure you have the same voice and AI speaking to all your customers irrespective of channel.

Easily Integrate

Integrate into your core software using APIs or even legacy systems with no APIs to provide meaningful and complete responses. Genesys, Guidewire, Salesforce, UI Path, SAP or any other enterprise software that you use; the possibilities are endless.

Seamless Human Escalation

No client query goes unanswered because when the user is unhappy or the chatbot can’t answer, we seamlessly hand over to a live agent who has the conversation history.

Audit Trails and User Access Rights

Keep track of the changes made to your bot agent and retrieve data as and when required to ensure compliance and control at all levels. Manage user rights and choose the information available to various user groups based on their function and requirements.

Multilingual AI

Converse in your local language with region-specific terminology and nuances to ensure a natural and meaningful interaction. Currently in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese, and learning more every day.

Enterprise-Grade Security

All communication is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption at both transmission and rest to ensure your data is always safe. Host the solution on cloud or completely on-premise and define access controls for utmost data security and GDPR compliance.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our intuitive, built-in dashboards allow you to track the performance of our solution in real-time so that you can derive meaningful insights and improve performance.

Contextual Understanding

Our chatbot is capable of holding context in chat conversations and has a memory so that users do not have to repeat themselves. Speak and reason with the bot like you would with a real person.


Our solutions are designed in a way that is compliant to visually impaired users, allowing for screen readers to easily ingest available information.

How it all works



Your customer asks a question.



The chatbot understands the customer’s request and provides an appropriate response from its knowledge base.



If the chatbot does not know a query or sees that a customer is unhappy, it immediately escalates the conversation to a human agent.



The chatbot automatically learns from every interaction, increasing its accuracy and ability to solve customer problems.



Get a single view to see how your AI chatbots are performing with key performance metrics and insights into customer requests, satisfaction and a lot more in our Live Dashboards 

Deployment Models

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Public or Private Cloud

Choose a leading hosting service such as Amazon or Google or a private cloud setup within your existing hosting infrastructure. Either way, we ensure that the data is encrypted and processed in accordance with compliance regulations.
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For further control over your data you may also choose an on-premises solution in which case the AI engine will be deployed onto servers in your on-site infrastructure so that no data leaves your environment.

Our case studies


1.24 times higher leads captured in SWICA with IQ, an AI-powered hybrid insurance chatbot.


Sofie routed 23% of all conversations and delivered a response accuracy of over 90%


88%+ accuracy achieved with our AI digital assistant. It was able to recognize over 100 FAQs

We are compliant


Our blogs

Why our customers love us

Enterprise Bot deployed a complete on-premise solution in just 3 months for us. We are happy to say that we have expanded our collaboration to more use cases and countries. Their platform is fast, simple and delivered over 40% of automation within the first month of go live.

Martin Frick, COO, Generali Switzerland