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5 Reasons The Retail Industry Needs To Adopt Voice Bots

5 Reasons The Retail Industry Needs To Adopt Voice Bots

Voice bots are virtual intelligence programs that can converse with humans using logic that is predefined. They fuse both AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) in a manner that is used to simulate human interactions. Below are some reasons why voice bots in retail environments are beneficial.

Conversational and Intent Analysis

It is absolutely essential for voice bots to be good listeners, as this will allow them to ascertain intent while comprehending conversational flow. In other words, they must know when to respond and when they should pause. An example of this would be informing clients of pertinent information, such as an update or reminder. The most advanced bots would incorporate programming so they won’t pause while conveying the crucial info, even when interrupted.

There is also intent analysis, which is a fundamental component of effective voice bot design. The bot must be intelligent enough to appear human, from contacting the correct party to interpreting sentiment within the conversation and responding accordingly. This requires considerable analytical processing so that situations can be managed with greater speed while the bot learns from their experiences.

Ability to Collaborate With Live Agents

While there have been concerns that bots and AI technology will replace human workers, this has not been the case and is unlikely for the foreseeable future. Instead, they function as assistants, interacting with customers for certain tasks and then transferring the discussion to an actual human when needed. This process should be quick and seamless.

Greatly Reduced Lag

Speed is a necessity in creating an experience that is pleasant and efficient. Quality voice bots can reply, take action and interpret information at nearly the same speed as consumers. Slow response times or lag have been greatly minimized since they create both frustration and a poor first impression that can lead to a loss in sales.

The Ability to Adapt and Learn

The bots used today are far more advanced than the models used ten years ago. The key difference is machine learning which allows for continuous improvements. This makes the robots accurate and reliable, but the most advanced can also parse extended sentences and even understand colloquial speech and slang patterns.


There is nothing customers hate more than to have to repeat themselves multiple times within a single conversation or interaction. This is why the most effective voice bots have been integrated and designed in a manner where they will communicate with customers promptly, quickly determine the purpose behind the call, and can then offer suggestions that are personalized to the needs of the customer.

As you can imagine, this requires extremely advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is much more cost-effective to use platforms such as Enterprise Bot which already has extensive knowledge built into its platform. This will save firms on expenses and time and they will have a chatbot up and running in no time.