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Conversations: The Origin Story

Conversations: The Origin Story

How long can you go without talking to someone? No chats, calls or even a DM on social media.

Day 1: No problem.

Day 2. 😖

Why is it important for us to constantly engage in conversations? Is it because our ability to interact and exchange ideas have helped us solve complex problems and pass on this knowledge for generations?

That’s probably one of the many reasons.

But above all of that, the very act of engaging in active conversations is good for you. Good for all of us!

Social interactions and engaging conversations increase our overall happiness by eliminating feelings of stress and anxiety. This is thanks to the shift in neurotransmitter activities and the effects of the cortisol hormone in our body. [1]

Is that why we always look forward to the holidays? Spending leisure time with our friends and families can surely make it the happiest day of the year for many of us. Light-hearted conversations around the fireplace make those happy hormones shoot through the chimney. Sorry! Couldn’t pass up on the pun opportunity!

So, we’re embracing this Xmas season with a vow to only have fruitful conversations that make a difference. And we are starting with this very piece you’re reading. Here is us bringing to you the history of Conversations.

Since conversations only made life easier and happier for humans, we thought it was important to understand its origins.

Infographic: Origin of Conversation timeline

With the help of conversations, our traditions and festivities live on. And we hope that your Christmas this year is filled with some of the best conversations.

Let’s get those happy hormones up.

PS: Wishing you a happy New Year as well.