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Genesys integration of Enterprise Bot Omni-channel AI Installation support (Chatbot, Voicebot, Emailbot and Agent Assist with GenAI)

This guide demonstrates how to set up Enterprise Bot’s omni-channel Agent Assist for chat and voice.

Genesys Cloud Integration Steps

  1. Purchase and installation of Enterprise Bot’s omni channel Agent Assist Application
  2. Configuring Agent Assist for Chat
  3. Configuring Agent Assist for Voice



  • Enterprise Bot omni channel AI purchased from AppFoundry.
  • Administrator Access in your Genesys purecloud 



Once you have purchased the Agent Assist premium app and assigned yourself permissions for the application.You will be able to access the application from Apps in your Genesys cloud as seen below. You can follow these steps which would automatically set up all the default configurations to access Enterprise Bot Omni channel AI in your interactions tab.Once installation is successful we will review your request and confirm it. After confirmation you will receive a mail with which you will be able to access our dashboard and set up omni-channel AI according to your preference.

Once you have successfully set up your omnichannel AI with all the data required you will need to go to your Genesys Cloud >> Admin >> Integrations >> EB_Agent Assist>> Configuration >> Application URL. You will need to update the and in the url with the data you will receive from the EnterpriseBot dashboard as shown below.

API Key : EnterpriseBot Dashboard >> Settings


Bot ID: EnterpriseBot Dashboard >> GoLive

You can copy the data in currentBotId which will be your unique id of Omni-channel AI

Now you have successfully set up your Omni-channel  AI🎉 .The Omni-channel AI widget that you set up can be accessed by all the Agents that you give access to.

Set up your omni-channel from Enterprise Bot Dashboard

You can refer to this for more details Enterprise Bot.

Omni-channel AI for Chat

Once you have set up everything accordingly, make sure that the widget is activated and ready to useTo give access to your agent you can add groups in the Omni-channel widget from Genesys Cloud >> Admin >> Integrations >> EB_Agent Assist>> Configuration >> Group Filtering, you can also use Queue filtering to get the same results.By default everyone in the group/queue would have access to the application which they can access as shown below irrelevant of communication type(chat,voice).Make sure the Agents have necessary permissions to access this widget in Genesys cloud.You can add make a role and assign it to Agents individually or a group as whole. You can refer this for more details Roles and Permission


Congratulations🎉. You are ready to go. You will be able to access Omni-channel AI during interactions as shown below.

Once this is visible you have already completed the setup for Omni-channel AI - Chat.

Omni-channel AI for Voice

For us to access your voice you will need to turn on dual channel recording. You can refer to Genesys for more information. Once you have successfully set up recording. You will receive both the transcription and Assist messages in your omni-channel AI.