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Five Challenges In Building Conversational AI For Customer Support

Five Challenges In Building Conversational AI For Customer Support

There are numerous scopes through which to explore voice technology. It offers natural language conversations and human interaction. This holistically drives functional customer support. What is voice technology? The automation of voice conversations is implied here. On one end of the line, a voice AI assistant or machine interacts with a human on the other end of the phone. The same content can be uttered by humans in multiple ways where natural language is concerned. While making support calls, people who have faulty or poor network/audio quality, use varied English proficiency levels or use slang or a regional dialect, etc. can affect this technology.

These are just some of the existing challenges in building conversational AI. So they can comprehend natural human conversation, a massive task is presented in order to train computers despite so many natural errors. Today, however, thanks to "Deep Learning" and advancements in the field, users’ utterances are better understood.

Let's look in a little more detail, at the challenges faced by businesses today as they work to build conversational AI for customer support.

Complex Information Must Be Simplified

Why do tasks like buying something online or booking a flight take more time?

  • First off, many options have to be considered.
  • Secondly, a final decision can only be made after some comparison. 

In a simple way, complex information must be presented through the proper mechanisms. This better assures a good user experience. That's important. An undesirable user experience could, on the other hand, be created by the use of naïve template-based methods.

User Questions Must Be Handled Through System Flexibility

For a customer support call, based on the purpose of the call, voice AI agents guide the caller.

Example: For a flight ticket cancellation, the booking details are collected by the AI agent, the database confirms the information, and the refund amount is given. But, regarding refund policies and more, what if the user has a question? All questions should be answerable by an efficient voice AI as long as they can a) tell users how to find answers or b) the information is readily available.

Over Time, Improved System Response Abilities

When a human does a job regularly, they gain experience. With more and more ease, they can handle complexity. The same can be said for today's conversational AI technology. The responses they provide not only make sense to the user on the call, but they also make logical sense in general. Controlled natural language generation is one of the most important aspects used to achieve this type of continuous improvement and learning.

Using Minimal Data to Build New Conversations

In the world of customer support, around existing products, new conversations are frequently built (i.e., supporting an inquiry conversation regarding flight tickets or, in a retail setting, product cancellation conversations). For all possible cases, conversation data must be generated by deep learning-based systems. With existing data, it must be merged, and then the Dialogue Manager must be re-trained. With minimal conversation data, today's systems can quickly take logical workflows and build upon them.

Update Conversation Flow With Ease

Varied products are used for customer support. To resolve product issues, respective standard operating procedures also vary. Frequently, the tweaking and updating of these processes are necessary. Anywhere in the flow, usually consisting of just a few sentences, modifications can be placed.

Example: New information must constantly be updated for customers in the airline industry. This can include COVID-related cancellations, flight status, and more.

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