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Five Tips For Creating Chatbot Buttons That Increase CTR

Five Tips For Creating Chatbot Buttons That Increase CTR

Where chatbot UI/UX is concerned, the most popular trend at the moment is button-based menus. For new users, these buttons are especially useful. This is particularly applicable if they don't know how to benefit from the use of a chatbot, or even how to begin using it. These elements are clickable and simple and, to show different options, may be sent by a chatbot to users. Possibly one of the biggest benefits is that chatbot buttons increase CTR (clickthrough rate) and user experience significantly. 

With a single click, users can respond to your chatbot with button features. This means that, in the chat window, they won't have to type a long response. For mobile users, it's particularly convenient. Whatever information they are interested in or need, they can simply choose and click.

To increase CTR on your website, let's look at some tips for creating chatbot buttons.

Limit Your Options

When options are offered in smaller numbers, the buttons work best. Figure five buttons max down to three. This makes it obvious for user interaction and works best to drive traction. Users can make quicker decisions when they're offered fewer sets of options.

Don't Make Your Users Confused

Answer the user's expectations clearly and create a conversation that's easy to understand. To explain what a button does, you can add emojis or images. Let your user know what action clicking will lead to. Users can be engaged at an improved level, and better understanding is supported if they feel less confused about what chatbot buttons do.

Coordinating Actions and Buttons

For numerous questions, there will always be a choice between "no" and "yes". 

But, you can also ask consumers about the service you're offering, their interest in a product, etc. More contextual buttons may be used for queries such as these, however. After your users click a button, they should be able to identify what kind of information it is they are seeking. This will be instrumental in helping them finish the conversation quickly and will also improve flow.

It helps to be concise and informative.

Create Buttons for Conversation and Communication

Remember it's not an answering machine, it's a chatbot. As a human being would, make the conversation more dynamic and interactive. Focus on your user's specific needs and contexts with your chatbot conversation. Make sure it uses all of the linguistic expressions and intonations that your user can easily understand.

Use Copy That Is Effective and Short

Writing copy for buttons can be a bit tricky. If on a button, a user sees long text, it might be confusing. It's crucial for UI/UX for writers to make it precise and short. Why? Your user's tendency to click a button and take action will be better inspired through effective copy.

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