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How to make an email bot ?

email bot

It takes just 3 steps to build your enterprise an email bot that can understand user requests, categorize, triage the emails and automate responses where necessary.

At Enterprise Bot we have helped Enterprises build email bots to help from just triaging the emails to the right department to completely automating workflows that can generate responses and even execute transactional workflows like address change or quote generation. So if you get a lot of e-mails in your contact center and you would like to use email bots to automate them then you have come to the right place.

Step 1: Categorize your data:

The first step to get started is to get categorized data that can help train the AI about different use cases and categories. You can do this in many ways. The easiest is if you already have a CRM just export the ticket categories and content in a CSV and you are ready to go. If you do not have categorized tickets do not worry. You can easily export your historical emails from outlook and easily categorize them in our system. You can also now outsource the labelling to multiple companies that specialize in AI data labelling or just have one of our onboarding experts help you with that. 

 Step 2: Import your CSV of labelled data: 

Once you are done with step one 90% of your hard work is already done. Now all you need to do is upload the data and watch the AI learn from every interaction. This is where the true power of AI comes in where using this data an AI model is created that can then understand all future emails and with a high certainty give you information about your emails categories and also extract information from it.  

Step 3: Artificial Intelligence email response and triage (mail ai): 

Now that your system understands your users requests all you need to do is tell ERA (Email response Automation Engine) how you would like to treat these emails. the treatment of these emails could be as easy as categorizing the emails and moving them in outlook to the relevant mailbox or as complicated as generating live quotes based on multiple categories mentioned in the email by hooking up with the AI.

If you want to know more about how to build powerful email bots that leverage artificial intelligence for email response then connect with us or read more at