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Six Types Of Chatbots: Which One Fits Your Business

Six Types Of Chatbots: Which One Fits Your Business

Are you considering the use of chatbots for your business? You may be surprised to discover that there are various types of chatbots. For example, the chatbot a bank uses would be totally unlike that of an e-commerce website. In the same way that humans contrast in their talents and personalities, in activities and appearance, chatbots also differ.

Here, we'll look at the various kinds of chatbots available, their functionalities, and their applications. If, where chatbot classification is concerned, you have a clearer understanding, you will be more likely to determine which would fit your business best.

Finally, we'll tell you where to turn for the best AI technology today, including chatbots.

Voice Bots

Voice bots or voice-based chatbots are being put to work more and more by businesses. With virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc., for the last couple of years, voice bots have seen a definite increase in usage. One of the main reasons for this is their sheer convenience. Rather than having to type out question after question, the customer can simply speak. To the end customer, voice-activated chatbots can directly deliver frictionless experiences.

The Hybrid Chatbot

Though the sophistication of AI chatbots is very attractive to many businesses, in order to support them, the businesses don't always have large volumes of data or the appropriate talents. In this case, a hybrid model may be the answer. The best of both worlds is offered by a hybrid: The complexity of the AI bots with the simplicity of the rules-based chatbots.

Machine Learning Chatbots

Here, AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) are utilized by the bot. Over time, these chatbots will grow because they learn from dealing with specific users and through conversations. Based on how they are asking questions, and what your customers are asking for, self-improvement is executed. These bots get smarter thanks to their contextual awareness.

Keyword Recognition Based Bots

This chatbot differs from menu-based chatbots because it can respond appropriately after listening to what users say. These bots use an AI application and customizable keywords. To determine how to serve the user appropriate responses, NLP is used (natural language processing). If, however, between several related questions there are keyword redundancies, this bot can slip up.

Rule-Based Chatbots – Linguistic Based

This might be a good solution for you if you have a pretty good idea of the questions typically asked by customers. Using "if/then" logic, conversational flows are created by these chatbots. Your chatbots will first need to define the language conditions. Appropriate help can be received by your customers if the conditions defined by your chatbot match incoming questions. Note: specificity and rigidity are demanded by these bots.

Menu/Button Based Bots

In the market today, the most basic, currently implemented type of chatbot is the menu/button-based bot. Basically, they are provided to a user in the form of buttons, and closely mirror decision-tree hierarchies. Think of automated phone menus you can see on your computer or mobile device. To get to the ultimate answer, a bit of “digging” is done courtesy of the selections made by a user. For your user to get to their desired value, however, these bots are possibly the slowest.

Chatbot Applications

Now that you’ve seen the kinds of chatbots available, let's briefly look at chatbot applications:

  • Entertainment bots
  • Sales and marketing bots
  • Chatbots for customer support
  • Booking bots/appointment scheduling 

Get Ready, Get Set – Get Your Chatbot!

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