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Ten Recommended Chatbot Features For Your Company Website

Ten Recommended Chatbot Features For Your Company Website

If your business wants to boost the level of engagement and enhance customer communication, one good solution is the use of a chatbot. Whether you are already well established or your company is growing, chatbots are the perfect way to delight customers through their purchasing journey and a great tool with which to deliver value. But what do current consumers truly think about today's chatbots? Do customers feel they receive a more personalized service experience? Do they feel like chatbots help them? The result of a survey says that 64% do. To numerous businesses today, chatbots are indispensable, in part, because chatbot features have evolved so much. This technology enables real-time responses to consumers and plays a key role in business communication strategy.

Businesses can automate interactions by deploying bots, as customers are also more comfortable with chatbot interactions today. However, to answer customer questions promptly and meet customer expectations, which AI chatbot functions will be most helpful?

What Makes for A Successful Chatbot?

Today's most successful chatbots have the following key features:

  • Personalized support is offered
  • Well-trained with frequently asked questions
  • Great UI/UX (user interface/user experience)
  • Can handle human handover appropriately and smoothly
  • Deliver responses that are contextual 

Bot Performance And Key Features

When your consumers communicate with your brand/service, they expect a great experience, and nothing less. If to support business communication, you plan to use chatbots, key chatbot design features need to be considered. Conversational experiences are delivered through these designs.

To build a successful bot, consider these key features:

  • Data security
  • Chatbot API
  • AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots
  • Chatbot widget customization
  • Chatbot analytics
  • Chatbot marketing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Live chat handover
  • Omni-channel messaging support
  • Visual flow builder 

Data Security

To ensure chatbot security, here are some best practices:

  • Personal scan
  • Self-destructing message
  • Authentication and authorization
  • End to end encryption 

Chatbots API

The importance of chatbot API:

  • Based on website visitor data or IP address, helps send personalized messages
  • Enhance productivity and chatbot functionality with API integration
  • Use data/information for a smoother flow and to add value to customer conversations 

AI Chatbots

Why the feature of artificial intelligence is important:

  • The bot’s performance is periodically measured 
  • Delivers seamless customer experiences and offers proactive customer support
  • Deliver responses that are well-tailored with NLP algorithms 

Chatbots Widget Customization

Two main areas can help with widget customization:

  • Messaging
  • Branding 

To customize your bot, here are some key areas to consider:

  • Set trigger events
  • Set priority of bot and human agent
  • Bot accuracy levels
  • Channel
  • Bot avatar
  • Tagline
  • Display name
  • Bot name 

Chatbot Analytics

To evaluate the performance of your chatbot, here are the key chatbot metrics:

  • FBR (fallback rate)
  • Interaction rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Total number of users 

Chatbot Marketing

To automate your marketing, here are some best practices to think about:

  • In a personalized way, cater to your customers’ specific needs and improve the ROI
  • To enhance user experience, avoid any type of confusion
  • Consider your chatbot-contained content carefully and completely 

Sentiment Analysis

In chatbots, sentiment analysis works in the following manner:

  • Can identify a type of sentiment and execute emotion analysis
  • By performing emotion analysis, the intensity is measured through technology
  • Final output is offered as a direct result of the aforementioned analysis 

Live Chat Handover

If users would rather speak with a live individual or the chatbot can't figure out an answer, the system must fall back on a live chat handover. When this happens, the following are best practices:

  • To offer a quick solution and understand context, conversations between the customers and the bot should be viewed by agents.
  • Variables and tags are used so the bot can send data to the agent, to help it gather the user’s input.
  • The bot must be able to quickly route the user when problems arise to the right agent. 

Omni-Channel Messaging Support

What's the importance of a feature like omnichannel messaging support?

  • Deliver better feedback surveys and/or solutions
  • Contextual support can be provided by chatbots
  • For customers, provides a uniform experience 

Visual Flow Builder

The functionality of a visual flow builder is essential for the following reasons:

  • With specific business needs in mind, you can custom sync the bot design 
  • There are multiple actions and bot response formats to choose from
  • To build your stories, drag and drop conversation blocks can be utilized 

Do You Have Questions about How Chatbots Can Be Used by Your Company?

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