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[UPDATE]: Enterprise Bot is now listed on the Epic App Orchard marketplace

Earlier this week, Enterprise Bot had announced that its healthcare-oriented Conversational AI solution (nicknamed HealthAI) was officially listed on the Epic App Orchard marketplace. 

However, we must clarify that Enterprise Bot’s solution HealthAI was already integrable with Epic from the start but only recently got inducted into the Epic App ecosystem for HealthTech solutions. 

How is it different?

For starters, being integrable with Epic means that your solution can work alongside Epic’s APIs and tools for seamless usability and deployment. Being listed on the Epic App Orchard marketplace means that Enterprise Bot’s HealthAI solution will now be visible to a wider audience that is looking for healthcare automation solutions. 

Apart from that, being listed on Epic means that HealthAI fulfils rigorous benchmarks established by the Epic EHR community. As a fully HIPAA-compliant solution, HealthAI has gained a seal of approval that assures users the highest standards of data security, compliance and safety. 

Customers who are now open to using HealthAI directly from the Epic App Orchard can reap the benefits of intelligent automation. HealthAI improves care journey outcomes by over 40% by increasing patient satisfaction and reducing operational inefficiencies.  

What does all of this mean for us here at Enterprise Bot?

As a Conversational AI solution provider, we will now be able to increase our presence as a dominant player in HealthTech across North America and other highly competitive markets.

“Getting listed on the Epic App Orchard marketplace officially kick-starts our journey towards delivering world-class healthcare automation solutions to the North American region, as well as the rest of the world. Along with our newest product feature launch that will significantly reduce the time it takes to build solutions, the Epic marketplace listing is almost perfectly timed. This makes it truly epic”, says Pranay Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Enterprise Bot. 

In such a short period, Enterprise Bot has gained quite a strong foothold in the Conversational AI space. Over the last 18 months alone, Enterprise Bot has doubled its revenue and reached significant milestones with the addition of clients like Global Blue, Franciscan Health, Assura, SVA Aargau, Afterpay Germany and DHL. The company has also added over 35 partners from across five different continents. 

For more information about us and our AI-powered healthcare solution, HealthAI, visit our website.