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Conversational AI And Chatbots: How To Differentiate Them

When speaking to most people regarding conversational AI vs chatbots, you may run into any number of individuals who are of the opinion that they are one and the same. They are related, it's true. But they are far from being the same! In fact, using these terms interchangeably can lead to disappointment, disillusionment, and confusion. So you don't fall into that trap, we're going to look at both conversational AI and chatbots to see how they're related and how they differ.

Chatbots – What Are They?

Whoever might have thought, a century ago, that we would be able to have a chat with a machine? That's pretty much what chatbots are. They are machines or programs that you can chat with. Some robots, in specific cases, are chatbots. Ordinarily, however, the majority of chatbots operate in an app, or through a website chat interface, and exist as basic software programs. When considering the two (key) available types of chatbots, this is when it gets a little blurry regarding conversational AI versus chatbots. There are AI-based chatbots and rule-based chatbots.

A lot of people are referring to flow-based or rule-based bots when they talk to you about chatbots. These bots can't deviate from their provided topics or answers. They operate with prewritten answers and questions.

Conversational AI – What Is It?

When referring to the technology tools behind conversational computer experiences, the term conversational artificial intelligence– or conversational AI – is used. It's utilized to allow computers the ability to "intelligently" converse with humans and refers to a host of artificial intelligence technologies. Included in these technologies are intelligent analysis, ML, and NLP. 

The Relationship

Here is the relationship between the two that we referred to earlier: 

  • The conversation part of the chatbot that is AI-based is conversational AI. To understand and converse with you, AI-based chatbots use conversational AI.
  • The reason what you say can be remembered by a chatbot is due to machine learning.
  • Natural language processing allows chatbots to determine the intent behind your messages and understand a broader range of input.
  • Based on past interactions or records, recommendations can be made by chatbots thanks to intelligent analysis. 

The Bottom Line

Okay, it's time for the bottom line regarding conversational AI versus chatbots:

  • Chatbots are powered by conversational AI. But conversational AI isn't used by all chatbots.
  • A program that can use conversational AI can be referred to as a chatbot, but it may not always use it. It's the program responsible for communication with humans.
  • Conversational AI is all about the programming and tools that make it possible for a computer to carry out and mimic conversational experiences with humans.

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