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How To Create Customer-Centric Innovation

One of the key goals of every business, regardless of which industry it is in, is to bring innovation to customer experiences. Not only will it make the company stand out, but it also allows the company to provide something which the rivals can’t or don’t have. Below are some best practices for creating customer-centric innovation.

Establish a Client Loyalty Program

Those who consistently engage in business with you should be rewarded for doing so. Establishing a loyalty program will increase customer satisfaction further along with retention rates, and will maintain the relevancy of your brand even among clients who aren’t yet ready to make another purchase. An example of an effective loyalty program could be offering customers bonus merchandise after they achieve a certain spending amount.

Enhance Your Support Base

While every company should have a support base, sticking to just one channel isn’t enough, especially while the company continues to grow. When it comes to responding to customer inquiries, speed is key, and by using multiple channels for this purpose, you make the experience far more pleasant and expedited. An example of this would be using a social networking site such as Twitter to answer questions that your followers have while using your app.

Pay Close Attention to Customer Reviews

It has often been said that customer driven innovation is best, and there is a lot of truth to that. This means that your clients input should play a pivotal role in your business decisions. By paying close attention to reviews, especially the negative ones, you’ll ascertain the sentiment of customers, and by responding to it in an objective and positive manner, you’ll be able to make the right changes to boost clients' satisfaction and as a result, boost your bottom line.

Install a Website Chatbot

Companies that are currently using live chat can benefit a great deal from chatbots. These programs are automated and designed to address key aspects of customer support in a manner that will save time and resources. While they should not be used to replace live human agents, they can assist them by taking care of basic or moderate inquiries which will save your organization both time and money.

Ensure your Mobile Experience is Kept Up to Date

A growing number of consumers are utilizing their smartphones to surf the web and shop for merchandise. While it is important to pay attention to your website, social media, and email accounts, the mobile experience should never be overlooked. Marketing research reveals that almost 60 percent of consumers won’t recommend brands that have poor mobile performance, while fifty percent will terminate interactions altogether. As you can see, your mobile experience is just as important as the desktop and online store.

These are just a few of the tips that can be used to enhance your client-centric innovation, but it is essential to review your client service data since it will highlight specific areas regarding your service or product where improvements can be made.