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The Application Of AI Chatbots In Governments

There is a Taxation Office in a particular country today that, if you visit it, your general taxation inquiries will be answered by "Alex", a virtual assistant. Government websites of other countries will soon be offering the services you need through the use of chatbots. An initiative is being made by a number of countries to jump on the AI train in an effort to get in tune with the times.

It's really no wonder that AI chatbots and governments are becoming so well acquainted. Numerous industries/businesses have been using chatbots for a long time. So it only makes sense that new government service delivery channels are opening thanks to conversational AI platforms like messaging-based apps, virtual assistants, chatbots, etc. An intuitive and interactive style of communication is supported by AI (artificial intelligence) related platforms.

AI – What's the Big Deal?

In the public sector, conversational applications have numerous benefits and uses. The need to navigate a transactional portal or complex website is reduced, so customer satisfaction is increased. To respond to basic inquiries, the resources and wait time usually required is also lessened.

Through conversational applications, government-to-government and service provider interactions can also be delivered. Virtual employee assistants can be used by large agencies and departments to offer more efficient and consistent internal services. Think financial, HR, legal, and help desk services.

How To Get Started

To get the ball rolling, customer experience leaders and IT must be educated. In the service that will be delivered by conversational applications, your leaders in customer experiences must have complete confidence. These leaders must be educated on conversational applications’ potential. To offer first-hand experience, establish workshops and vendor showcases. To create a guidance example and develop technical skills, you will then be able to implement a virtual employee assistant pilot program.

Opportunities Must Be Identified And Prioritized

Only for services that are used frequently should the significant investment of conversational application be implemented. Based on services delivered by your agency and potential uses, a list of conversational application opportunities should be prepared. To refine and prioritize your list, work hand-in-hand with your customer experience leaders. You will base this on language background, target audience demographics, service demand, response complexity, and more.

Digital Government Strategy Revision

Across different channels, citizens already engage with government agencies. Across all channels, the same quality of service will be expected by these citizens. Unfortunately, beyond traditional digital channels like portals and websites, some agencies struggle to see service delivery channels for what they are.

Multi-channel citizen engagement should, where digital government strategies are concerned, be a foundation of service delivery. Today, that has to include conversational applications. What's more, to secure funding for further AI projects and research, CIOs should develop a business case.

The Benefits

For government agencies, when modern expectations meet intelligent experiences, numerous benefits can be realized. Your citizens will be protected, served, and engaged. Expect the following advantages:

  • Streamline authentication and prevent fraud
  • Improve citizen experiences
  • Reduce costs 
  • Boost efficiency… and more 

Is Your Government Organization/Agency Onboard The AI Train?

Proven conversational AI solutions from Enterprise Bot protect your organization from fraud and provide constituents with fast resolutions and intelligent, effortless experiences. Keep costs under control, provide seamless experiences for your citizens, and the intelligence they expect by using today's AI solutions to enable your government institution/agency.

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