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Five simple steps to adopting Cognitive Email Automation for business

Email Response Automation

Email Response Automation, ERA, is a preconfigured and ready-to-use email classification and automation engine.

Easy-to-integrate with multiple customer support channels and software, it makes Cognitive Email Automation readily adoptable for enterprises around the globe. 

Our Cognitive Email Automation-powered engine deploys an email bot to automate forwarding emails to the right department, extracting information from the emails, and sending responses to the customer or creating tickets.

With over 85% accuracy in its ability to understand, route, and even respond to emails, our AI optimizes the customer support team and improves cost-efficiency by more than 75%. It boosts customer satisfaction by reducing response time by over 90% using automated smart routing. 

How can you leverage Cognitive Email Automation for your business

A typical project setup with Enterprise Bot for an email bot comprises of 5 broad steps that are simple and quick to follow: 

That’s it! No more manually reading and assigning emails to the right person in the company. Processes have been optimized, and resources can now use their valuable time more productively!

To discover how we were able to enable Cognitive Email Automation for one of our clients in just three months and deliver over 40% of automation within the first month of go-live, visit this page.

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