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Looking for an Enterprise-ready GenAI?

Reinvent your customer and employee support with a Conversational AI Bot powered by LLMs like ChatGPT that works with your company's data

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Trusted by leading global enterprises. Loved by customers.

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"We wanted ChatGPT for our company - yesterday. But we quickly realized its limitations and it would have needed a lot of investment and resources to make it viable. That's when Enterprise Bot stepped in and gave us an easy enterprise-ready solution that we can trust. "

Pietro Carnevale, CEO HITS (Generali)

The Future of Conversational AI is Enterprise Bot + GenAI

Get amazing user experience with bots that understand queries, process information within context and automatically resolve requests, like creating an order - with AI connected to your data

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A Digital Assistant for Your Customers

Wow customers, boost sales and maximize agent efficiency with a personal concierge to help resolve your customers' queries and drive your business

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Customer Service

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview 24/7 Customer satisfaction
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview End-to-end query resolution
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Process automation
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Reduce staffing costs

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Sales Enablement

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Lead generation
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Lead qualification
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Cross-selling
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Upselling

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A Digital Co-worker for Your Employees

Simplify processes and resources with automated access to your company's data, eliminating the need for laborious searches across various documents and systems

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Knowledge Management

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Employee productivity & satisfaction
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Continuous learning culture
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Access internal knowledge base
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Integrate with management tools

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Digital Coworker Support

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Automate employee requests
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview HR, IT and finance support
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Access internal knowledge base
image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Connect with existing core systems

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A Digital Assistant for Your Customers

Boost your Sales and enhance customer satisfaction with seamless, multi-channel automation. Maximize agent efficiency and drive more business with a stellar customer experience.

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Customer Service

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Sales Enablement

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Agent Assist

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A Digital Co-worker for Your Employees

Streamline your processes and resources by easily providing automatic access to your company's data, eliminating tedious and time-consuming searches through multiple documents and systems.

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview HR Automation

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview IT Help Desk

image_2022_03_03T12_16_04_037Z-removebg-preview Knowledge Management

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Power your Channels with Enterprise Bot + GenAI

Email man

Email Bot (ERA)

Transform inbox and ticket management - triage emails to the right inbox, extract important information from documents, and draft smart responses.

Phone woman

Voice Bot (AIVA)

No more pressing 1, 5 or 7 - just speak naturally and our AI will give you a personalized response, automatically execute a request, or route you to the right agent.

Chat woman

ChatBot (AIDA)

Let ChatGPT do its magic - boost your service experience with natural conversation, personalized responses and recommendations, and query resolution.

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Live Chat (Agent)

World's smartest agent assistant  - maximize agent efficiency with Live Chat for lightning-fast, personalized responses to inquiries, based on your knowledge base.

gartner peer insights. 4.7-1

Delight. Slash Costs. Boost ROI.

With easy-to-build API integrations and powerful automation


Average accuracy within 12 weeks of implementation

"'Sofie' routed 23% of all conversations and delivered a response accuracy of over 90%."

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Freija Brouwer, Scrum Master, Riverty


Lower total cost of ownership

"We realized ChatGPT has limitations and it would have needed a lot of investment and resources to make it viable. Enterprise Bot gave us an easy enterprise-ready solution that we can trust."

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Pietro Carnevale, CEO HITS (Generali)


Lower average deployment time

"We deployed a chatbot that could converse contextually on our website with no resource effort and in under 4 weeks using DocBrain."


Sri Baradwaj, VP Digital Innovation & Applications, Franciscan Health

The New Era in Omnichannel Conversational AI and Automation Powered with GenAI

Easily automate your employee and customer requests on any channel using Enterprise Bot cutting-edge AI technology

Build Intentless Chatbots with DocBrain

Our patent-pending technology automates 80% of the intent creation work to focus on building and automating top 20% use cases.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems with Blitzico

Create intelligent workflows and back-end integrations with ready connectors or APIs to virtually any system.

Ready-to-Use Datasets

For flows that require automation, get started with a large library of multilingual, use case-specific intents and vectors to power your conversational assistant.

End-to-End Solutions for Superior UX

Leverage valuable customer insights through intuitive dashboards to power end-to-end journey automation. Keep conversations natural and effortless while our AI-powered agent handles the rest.

Single-brain, Omnichannel Solution

Seamlessly provide a consistent and personalized experience across chat, voice and email bots, all while enjoying transfer learning and reduced build effort. Take hyper-personalization to the next level.

Multilingual NLP for Localized Customer Service

Break down language barriers and speak in your native tongue with region-specific terminology and nuances for a truly natural interaction, now including Swiss German 🙂

Leading Enterprises Trust Enterprise Bot for a Reason


1.24 times higher leads captured in SWICA with IQ, an AI-powered hybrid insurance chatbot.

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'Athena' resolves 88% of all chat conversations in seconds, reducing costs by 75%.


88% accuracy achieved with out AI digital assistant. It was able to recognize over 100 FAQs.

Discover how Enterprise Bot revolutionized customer and employee support for companies like yours

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