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A Guide To Increasing Lead To Conversation With Chatbots

A Guide To Increasing Lead To Conversation With Chatbots

When rule-based bots or AI NLP bots are designed in a particular way, they can be referred to as lead generation chatbots. This bot would do the following:

  • Potential customers would be identified
  • Initiate their interest in services or products offered by the business
  • And/or cultivate the prospective relationship 

These bots, when it comes to marketing, take a conversational approach. They collect information from clients, and in return, offer product and/or business information.

Your company's strategy for increasing lead generation should include today’s indispensable chatbots. Here, we're going to take a look at why they have become so important for business strategies revolving around lead generation. Then, we will discuss how to go about increasing leads to conversions.

Lead Generation Strategy – What's the Big Deal about Chatbots?

When, for lead generation, you use your chatbot, the following six strategic advantages can be yours:

  • Chatbots can be built easily and cheaply
  • Chatbots can provide real-time reactions
  • Chatbots provide exceptional convenience
  • When you use chatbots, your company can enjoy a higher conversion rate
  • With chatbots, you'll notice increased engagement
  • Provide tailored experiences for your users/customers with chatbots

Building A Chatbot for Lead Generation 

Step-by-step, here's how to use chatbots to increase leads to conversions:

  • Contact Enterprise Bot to create your new chatbot. Pick your template. A variety of use cases are served by a selection of prebuilt templates – lead generation included.

  • Your welcome message will need to be customized/configured next. To strike up the conversation, your bot will send the user this message. Ways you can modify your message: Provide buttons as answers, add videos, use GIFs, experiment with visual images/elements, add text bubbles, and more.


  • The visitor's name will be asked for as one of the first steps toward lead generation. This way, from the very beginning, your chatbot will be able to personalize the conversation.


  • By using a designated email block, the chatbot will ask for the lead’s email address after they have their name.

  • Postcodes should be first requested then checked. With the right formula, you will be able to check and see if the user is supplying you with correct information such as credit card numbers, email addresses, postcodes, URLs, phone numbers, etc.


  • Qualifying questions will be asked by your chatbot. By using "click buttons", rather than typing out lengthy responses, the user will quickly and easily be able to hit a button to submit an answer to questions posed by the chatbot. This speeds up the process of information submission and helps eliminate user doubt regarding your offers.

  • Data can be uploaded to any CRM or a spreadsheet next.


  • Hot leads can be recognized and handed over by your chatbot. When they recognize a prospective lead of exceptional quality, they can immediately transfer the user to one of your live agents. Additionally, if a chatbot has difficulty answering a question or runs into trouble, human takeover may be necessary. You'll need to set this up as well. It must be done delicately but quickly, when necessary. 

Get Started On Lead Generation With Your New Chatbot

There are numerous formulas, codes, sequences, blocks, configurations, and more to the oversimplified steps listed above. For any and all assistance in setting up your chatbot, we – at Enterprise Bot– stand ready.

Contact us today if you'd like to find out how our team can help your team. You can also email us at