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Upgrade Your Genesys Contact Center with Enterprise Bot’s GenAI Automation

Genesys Agent Assist

Explore the benefits of enhancing your Genesys setup with advanced AI-powered features for omni-channel automation, agent assist, and customer self-service.

In the realm of customer service, Genesys software stands out as a premier choice for contact centers, renowned for its robust capabilities and versatility. Furthermore, the integration with Enterprise Bot's GenAI Automation opens doors to further elevate what's already considered a pinnacle in contact center solutions. Customer Experience executives now have a golden opportunity to revolutionize their Genesys contact centers by leveraging the power of Enterprise Bot's GenAI Automation. This cutting-edge solution is designed to amplify Genesys features with personalized GenAI automation, taking efficiency, accuracy, and quality across all customer service channels to new heights. By integrating Enterprise Bot’s GenAI Automation, contact centers can transform their operations, offering unparalleled customer experiences while streamlining agent workflows.

Transformative Omni-channel Automation

Enterprise Bot's GenAI Automation is the only omnichannel solution natively embedded within Genesys, providing an unparalleled integration that centralizes data and analytics. This deep integration boosts agent productivity by offering an all-encompassing agent assist within a single workspace, thereby significantly increasing first contact resolution across email, voice, and chat interactions.

Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Increase First Contact Resolution up to 95%: Dramatically enhance customer satisfaction by resolving queries during the initial interaction.
  • Reduce Average Handling Time by 63%: Streamline operations and decrease wait times with efficient, AI-driven assistance.
  • Elevate CSAT by 20%: Create happier customers through quicker, more accurate, and personalized service interactions.

Omni-channel Agent Assist: A Game Changer

The integration of GenAI automation transforms the Genesys workspace into a powerhouse of efficiency. Agents no longer need to toggle between multiple windows or systems. Instead, they have access to real-time guided workflows and smart summarization, consolidating data from various knowledge bases and systems into a single, streamlined interface.

Innovations for Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Omnichannel Handover: Seamless transition from chat, voice, or email bots to human agents with smart conversation summaries.
  • Single Window Operation: Access to integrated knowledge bases like Salesforce, SharePoint, SAP, and more, enabling personalized and contextually driven responses.
  • Guided Workflows: Structured workflows guide agents through customer interactions for effective issue resolution.
  • Multilingual Support: Overcome language barriers with multilingual cross-language capabilities, ensuring no customer is left behind.

Amplify Genesys features with personalized GenAI automation with Enterprise Bot:



Elevating Customer Self-Service with GenAI Automation

Enterprise Bot's virtual assistants redefine customer interactions with their human-like understanding and response capabilities. This automation extends across all service channels, offering natural conversations, personalized recommendations, and efficient problem resolution through smart automation.

Revolutionary Automation Services:

  • Email Automation: With automated triage and process flow, route fewer emails to agents while ensuring personalized and efficient responses.
  • Call Automation: Say goodbye to complex IVR menus. The GenAI Voice Assistant offers smart, multilingual query resolution, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Chat Automation: Integrate powerful chat automation in your service platforms, creating chatbots quickly and efficiently with patent-pending DocBrain technology.

The Strategic Partnership That Powers Transformation

Enterprise Bot's strategic partnership with Genesys is reshaping the landscape of contact center automation and optimization. This collaboration is not only about technology integration but also setting new benchmarks for agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

David Marcès, Country Manager & Senior Director Sales, Switzerland and Austria at Genesys, affirms: “Enterprise Bot is our partner of choice in Switzerland and Austria for enhancing Genesys GenAI automation capabilities for agent assist and omni-channel customer service. This native integration provides agents with all the data they need in a single workspace, significantly reducing handling time. Our partnership is reshaping the landscape of contact center automation and optimization, establishing fresh benchmarks for agent productivity and customer satisfaction.”


By embracing Enterprise Bot's GenAI Automation within Genesys contact centers, Customer Experience executives can unlock a new realm of possibilities for enhancing customer service operations. This innovative approach not only streamlines processes but also significantly improves customer satisfaction, setting a new standard in the industry. In the journey towards achieving excellence in customer service, Enterprise Bot and Genesys stand as beacons of innovation, guiding enterprises to unprecedented heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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