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Why Chatbots Are Necessary For Today's Online Businesses

Why Chatbots Are Necessary For Today's Online Businesses

Chatbots can provide huge cost savings to online businesses, not to mention making business processes much more efficient. If you frequently shop online, you would have probably communicated with a chatbot to process your e-commerce request or track your package. These are just some of the ways businesses employ chatbots to make business processes simpler and ensure consistency and reliability in their performance. This is a guide on the importance of chatbots for online businesses.

Chatbots can Do a Lot of Things

Businesses can employ and make use of chatbots to handle queries in all areas of their operations, ranging from sales and marketing to payment methods and shipping. By using a chatbot, you can train the chatbot in all these different areas, as opposed to having to continuously forward the calls and customer support services to another department. Chatbots enable you to centralize all your customer support and make the customer support service much faster and more efficient. You can also train a chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding your business or service, further reducing manpower costs. Let the chatbots handle your customer service and answer common, repetitive questions that most customers ask.

Chatbots Work 24/7

Chatbots can work all the time and are technically the best employees, as they do not take any breaks or days off. They allow you and your staff to focus your time and energy on managing the business, while they help to answer repetitive questions. Most customers want an immediate response and chatbots can do this. You would therefore increase customer satisfaction as customers' queries will always be answered, as opposed to the delay in time, potentially a few hours or more, that employees may take to manually reply every single query.


Unlike customer chat agents, chatbots can serve customers from anywhere in the world as they can be trained in any language. This allows your company to be able to provide good customer service to any customer around the world, further increasing the reach and impact of your business, while allowing it to scale and expand at a faster pace. Compare this to the amount of manpower costs you would otherwise have to spend in hiring, and training, customer service staff in every country and region that your business operates in, as opposed to a chatbot that could do all of these tasks. Not only are businesses able to save costs, but they are also able to expand their reach and earn more revenue from the business expansion through good customer service.

Personalized Sales Advice

Chatbots are also able to provide personalized sales advice and recommend products to customers, as they know the purchase history of the customers and can analyze the preferences of the customers. This increases the likelihood of customers purchasing more products from the business, generating incremental revenue for the business. If you frequently purchase products from online stores, you may also have experienced this. Without realizing it, this may also be one of the reasons why you constantly buy new products at these stores.