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Upgrade your contact center and knowledge management with AI. This blog explores cutting-edge strategies to harness the power of Generative AI Automation, transforming your operations into a futuristic hub of customer and employee service excellence.

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Nikhil Menon

Nikhil Menon is a B2B Content Specialist, who specialises in handling back-end content requirements. From Sales Collateral to Product Deployment videos, Nikhil has spent over 4 years working in diverse sectors, and has handled content requirements for multiple Fortune 500 institutions (Amazon, Mahindra-Comviva, Logitech, HCL, HSBC, NTT Data etc.). Nikhil has penned a film script that released in his regional language (India), and has written a portion of the speech for the Hon' Prime Minister of Mauritius. Nikhil has also helped develop content for Sophia 'the humanoid robot', during a specific televised event